The Test


These posts are the story of our journey through the Air Traffic Control process since April 10, 2015. I wrote these posts at the date posted and have held off on posting them. I wrote them as a way to process. To see previous posts, click on the following links:

June 16, 2015

Here we go. One more step on our way to ATC.

A couple weeks ago, Aaron finally received an email about the upcoming AT-SAT test that he is to take. This was the first written confirmation that anything had happened since the green check that he received just over two months ago. Without more information it has been hard to keep my head from spiraling down the “What-if” path. Believe me, they are endless.

It has also been hard answering questions. There is so much right now that is unknown. The process for ATC is so strange in the fact that it has the potential to change our lives… or everything could stay the same…. but we may not know one way or the other until right before things are about to change. I want to answer questions, I want to prepare my heart and prepare friends and family for this change and in this way the unanswered questions are the hardest in thinking about the future.

On the other hand, I am oddly finding comfort in the unanswered questions. I have never felt more that God has my future completely in his control and he is working through this to prepare my heart to be more fully connected to him in the waiting period. There is absolutely nothing that I  can do right now to control this situation. There is nothing I can do to know how to prepare and what to think. Where we go, what we do, and what our lives look like one year from now is completely in God’s control. Even through the potentially hard times that could be coming to fruition, I know God will be working to sanctify me and refine my soul. To me that is exciting, invigorating, and a breath of fresh air because there is nothing I can do to screw this up 🙂

So now, today. Today is a big day because it is the next step in this process. Aaron is taking the AT-SAT test right now, starting approximately 10 minutes ago. It is slotted to take up to 8 hours so I have been praying this last week and all morning for mental clarity, endurance, and for God’s plan to continue to prevail. This past week, Aaron purchased a practice test and I watched as he went through some of the questions. All I can say is it is a good thing he is taking this and not me. I would have no chance!

I am waiting anxiously for him to finish, trying to stay busy today to keep my mind off of it. In this process I am continually impressed by Aaron. He remains calm and patient and positive. His attitude never falters, and although this has been his dream for years, he goes into each part of this process knowing that he will end up exactly where he is suppose to be; regardless of whether it is in ATC or not. His perspective remains big picture and eternal. He never once expressed frustration in waiting for 3 and ½ years for luck to start down this road. He is steady, genuine and calm – the true spirit of an Air Traffic Controller and a great man.

So what’s next? Again, we wait. This time we wait for results. If he passes, then we wait for a tentative offer letter that will tell him when he will go down to Oklahoma City for 3-4 months to train for a Tower or a Center. Timeline? I have no idea. Somewhere in the window of today or a year from now. Let the waiting continue!